We support the African Community by Making Good Better

The African community in Milton Keynes is vibrant and forward looking

Like every community, it has its share of challenges


Empowering adults, young people and children to embrace different types and levels of education. Individuals need life skills and encouragement to follow their dreams. 


The workplace and domestic life is changing.  This creates opportunities for some and hardship for others and it is important that we support groups to overcome barriers.  


Physical and mental wellbeing is a growing issue  and people are suffering as a result. This often results in domestic violence, drug addiction and crime which ruins lives.

Making Good Better


Celebrate and promote social diversity in the African community irrespective of origin or religion.

  • Bring the larger community together through events
  • Promote goods and services created within the African community.
  • Share common experience and to encourage each other
  • Provide range of community services to support people in need, especially those who are vulnerable
  • Reduce domestic discord, domestic violence and breakup of families


Promote a physical, emotional and financially stable lifestyle.


  • One-on-one meetings to provide support
  • Monthly meetings to bring people together and to provide support
  • Community social events to bring people together with attendees of 150+
  • Involve professional speakers to attend monthly and community meetings.
  • Promote a healthy physical, emotional and financially stable lifestyle


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One-on-one support to share and resolve financial, domestic or health issues in a caring and confidential environment.  

By gathering together in small groups we support each other and find ways to overcome problems in a loving and practical way. 

Community events to bring people together  to enjoy themselves, to share experiences, to build relationships and to listen to professional speakers.

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Please get in touch if you need advice or support. Our conversations are completely confidential.

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Making Good Better: Maria Affa

Email: Affa_Maria@hotmail.com

Telephone : 01908 082088

How can we help?

At MGB (Making Good Better) Community Service, we are dedicated to enhancing the lives of our community members through various initiatives. One of our standout programs is the Breakfast Club, which operates on specific days of the week to provide meals and fellowship to the local community.

Find out more and come along and make new friends!