My name is Maria Affa. I am passionate about supporting the African community in Milton Keynes by helping people to thrive and enjoy a healthy and fruitful family and professional life.


Despite Milton Keynes being a new city, there is hardship experienced by people through employment related issues with many individuals experiencing social and mental health issues. These issues impact on family life and it is my mission to bring together like minded people in the African community to do something about these problems. To that end, I am shortly to launch a new charity Making Good Better that will provide community and individual support in these areas.


Making Good Better builds on many years of me living and working in the African community in Milton Keynes. In that time many people have been supported and helped to overcome issues through one on one and group support, often involving professional advice in areas as diverse as financial skills, recognising and overcoming domestic abuse, drug related issues and supporting people to get back into work from period of unemployment. 


In recent years I have been closely involved in organising large and successful social events where we get together as a community to laugh, dance, and eat traditional food,  and to hear life affirming talks from professional speakers. I now want to develop and deepen community support forums and meetings. I invite people within the African community to join me to develop new social networks and to establish new ways of meeting and supporting each other to empower individuals and our community.  


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