New Website for Making Good Better

Making Good Better Community Service is about to become a registered charity. Maria Affa, the founder of Making Better Good, is enthusiastic about the future of the African community in Milton Keynes. She currently supports people experiencing destructive challenges in their life that are holding them back from being the person that they were made to be. 


Maria is on a mission to build a team and to establish personal support networks for her new charity. She will build on regular group meetings to bring hope through practical support to people in need through under employment, illness, domestic issues, and through financial difficulties.


Maria is well known in the African community through her support of community events in Milton Keynes. These events celebrate the diversity and vitality of the community.  Group meetings and personal support networks are a sensible follow through from community events and aligned to her current activities in these areas. 

To promote her new charity Maria asked David at C2 Services to design and build her a new website.  She wanted the new website quickly to meet pressing deadlines.  


David delivered her new website in two working days which was an exceptional achievement on his part. In this time he met with me twice and had some telephone calls. David wrote all of the content from a standing start. 


You can look forward to regular updates from Maria on her progress towards making good better.